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Session 10

This is how you find healing

Read: James 5:13-20

Confession. The term stirs up memories. A day at court. Being a child caught in the wrong.  A counseling session. Whatever the memory, it’s probably not a pleasant one. The thought of confession makes our stomachs drop, our skin sweat, and our hearts race.

Although the process may be painful, confessing sin brings healing (James 5:16). Imagine having strep throat. Hiding your symptoms would only allow the sickness to keep growing and affect other parts of your body. When you have strep throat, you need to see a doctor. Hiding sin doesn’t make it go away either.

Confessing to God sets our focus on Jesus and off of the sin. When we confess our sin, we rely on His forgiveness and thank Him for it. Confession removes what is standing between Jesus and us.

Confessing to each other opens the door for healing by allowing others to pray for us. James 5:16 says, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Our confession also sets up accountability. As people pray for us, they check in on our progress.

Confession and prayer aren't for bad people; they're for all people.

Confessing sin takes courage. But remember this, the friend, group leader, or care volunteer you’re confessing to isn’t perfect either. As we fight past the fear and are vulnerable with each other, something special happens. After we have been healed, we are in the position to offer powerful and effective prayers to others.

God heals us and works through us to heal others. Confession and prayer aren't for bad people; they're for all people. This cycle of confessing to others and praying for others continues from the day we meet Jesus until we see Him in heaven.


  • Is there a sin you need to confess?
  • Are you someone others can trust with their confession? If not, what is hindering you from being that person?

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