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Session 6

How mercy points us in the right direction

Read: Jude 1:22-23

When was the last time you were lost in a dark, unfamiliar place? When we are completely lost, disorientation and fear can leave us feeling helpless.

Asking for help is usually the only way to find the right direction. We can expect one of two reactions from our rescuer. Will we be condemned for getting ourselves into the frantic situation in the first place? Or will the person we ask respond with compassion for our situation and lead us to the right destination?

When we’re lost, condemnation is not what we need. What we need is direction. This is also true for those who are lost spiritually.

When it comes to being spiritually disoriented, condemnation only makes the lost feel more hopeless. Jude 1:22 tells us to be merciful to those who doubt.  Compassion is what rescues and shows direction.

Comforting words spoken during a time of confusion allow us to share Jesus as the Guide: I understand the dark, confusing place of doubt you are in. I was lost in that place once, too. Here is the way to get out. Here is the One who rescued me, and He can rescue you, too.


  • What words of mercy and grace has someone shared with you during your times of doubt?
  • What’s one practical way you can show compassion and kindness to someone who is currently in a season of doubt?

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