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Session 6

Overcoming Fear With Faith

Read: John 20:1-29

The Big Idea: God doesn’t just want to remove our fear; He wants to help us overcome it.


Jesus’ friends had given up hope until they heard Mary’s report that Jesus’ tomb was empty. Peter and John saw the empty tomb and began to believe even though they didn’t understand.  However, they all continued hiding in fear.

Sometimes we see evidence that Jesus is alive and working in our circumstances, but we return to our routines as if nothing changed. Like Mary, we don’t realize that He’s right next to us. Or, like the disciples hiding behind locked doors, we don’t expect Jesus to meet us in the midst of our doubts and fear.

Just like Jesus was active in the lives of His first followers, He is active in our lives today.

When we can’t see how Jesus is working in our lives but we have the audacity to trust Him anyway, our faith grows.

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29). When we can’t see how Jesus is working in our lives but we have the audacity to trust Him anyway, our faith grows.

God could replace our fear in an instant. But instead, He often uses the darkness as a training ground for replacing our fear with faith. Like a good parent, God is not just helping us through what we’re facing now. He’s also preparing us for what’s to come.

We do not know the circumstances we will face, but we can hold on to the One who is stronger than any circumstance. Jesus doesn’t promise us an easy life, but He does promise to help us take each next step.

When Jesus shows up in our most challenging moments, His light overcomes any darkness. He brings healing for the sick. He offers joy amid heartbreak. He brings peace into the chaos.

Jesus’ resurrection is proof we can move forward with Him, overcoming every darkness.



  • What’s one step you can take today to let go of fear and hold to faith in Jesus?
  • Join us for Easter at NewSpring to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and how He changes our lives.


Above right: the empty tomb where Jesus was buried



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