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Session 7

What you experienced was meant to be shared

Read: John 4:7-45

This woman from Samaria had a radical encounter with Jesus in the last place she expected to see anyone — at the well during the hottest part of the day. Like a lot of students at Gauntlet this week, she was hoping to get in and get out and to avoid real talk at all costs.

But Jesus met her there and challenged her assumptions about God. Given her relationship history and social status, the Samaritan woman had every reason to question the idea that she could be rescued by the promised Messiah. But Jesus shows her that His kingdom isn’t just for the religious types. It’s for her, too.

After this encounter, the woman went to town — to the same people she was originally trying to avoid — and told everyone about what had happened. Many came to believe in Jesus because of the woman's testimony.

One person’s faith can change a school and change a town. This is what we’re praying for students as they settle back in at home. Over the past week, Jesus met them in Daytona and showed them who He really is. Now, it’s their turn to say, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did.”

What our church experienced at Gauntlet was meant to be shared. Our true identity as children of God is meant to be shared. This is good news, and good news is meant to be shared.

How to Pray Today:

  • Pray for students and leaders to have the courage and ability to share what they experienced at Gauntlet.
  • Pray for students to have the courage to invite friends and family to join us for Gauntlet Session 8 at church on Sunday.
  • Pray for the campus staff and volunteers who are preparing for thousands of baptisms all over the state on Sunday.

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