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Session 11

Don’t Let This Happen to You

Read: Romans 11

Throughout the Bible, God brings ordinary people into divine service. He works through people who are close to Him to reveal Himself to those who are far from Him. Not only does God work through individuals, he also works through groups.

God chose Israel to receive His blessing and carry His salvation to the world (Genesis 12:1-3). Unfortunately, the nation stopped serving God wholeheartedly and started going through the motions. The majority of Jewish people refused to see Jesus as the Messiah. Their blindness, however, was part of God’s grand plan. Although Jesus’ followers were were labeled as heretics and dispersed, God worked through them to take the good news of Jesus’ resurrection to non-Jews around the world.

God never removes His call from us or His ability in us.

Are the Jews finished? No way! They got off track, but no one is beyond restoration. God never removes His call from us or His ability in us. Romans 11:29 reminds us, “the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.”

The promises God made to and about Israel will eventually come to pass, and the same is true for each of us. Every believer in Jesus has a divine purpose (Ephesians 4:1). Like the Jews, we can start off committed to serving God, but as time goes on get distracted and pursue our own goals. We may walk away from serving God, but our purpose remains. It stands there waiting for us to return.


  • Who are you in this chapter?
  • The person who has yet to recognize Jesus as Lord? Today can be the day to change that. Learn more about salvation or email us at
  • The person who started out passionate about God but got distracted by other things? Today can be the day you turn back to what God wants for you.
  • The person who is new to church or just started following Jesus? Make today the day you connect to others in the church who can encourage you along the way.

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