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Session 6

Can I get a witness?

Read: Ruth 4:1-12

Ever notice how most couples have a private engagement but a very public wedding?  Even when a couple has a private wedding ceremony, there are still two places on the marriage license for witnesses to sign.

Witnesses are required in almost every legal transaction we make, a practice that existed in Ruth’s day as well. Ruth 4:2 says, “Boaz took ten of the elders of the town…” Boaz had a plan, and he knew he would need people to see the plan come into action. He needed people to be witnesses.  

Witnesses help hold us accountable legally, but we also need witnesses spiritually. We need people around us who can help us in our journey. The great thing about surrounding ourselves with witnesses is that they likely have experiences we have not yet encountered and can help us prepare for things yet to come in our lives.  

In addition to the friends we surround ourselves with, we have a church of witnesses to celebrate major milestones in our spiritual lives. Think about all the public steps you’ve taken since meeting Jesus, whether you walked down front in a service or declared Jesus as your Lord and Savior in baptism. Not only is the church there to witness the moment, but they are there to celebrate!

We all need witnesses. At a point in time, we are all going to play the role of a witness. Our job is to be ready when that moment comes.


  • Who has been a witness to the changes in your life, and how has knowing them helped you get through those changes?
  • What was a special event you were able to witness that made you think about your own life?

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