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Session 5

Why do we have to wait?

Read: Ruth 3:14-18

Waiting can be excruciating. Waiting for slow food at a restaurant when we’re hungry is painful. Waiting for the light to turn green when running late is frustrating. But, waiting on God can be faith shaking.

We start to question God, saying:

When are you going to do something?

Are you even there?

Do you even care?

Didn’t you tell me to take this next step?

Why is nothing happening yet?

We start to question ourselves, especially when we have taken our next step, and nothing has happened yet.

Did I misunderstand my next step? Did I get it wrong? Did I imagine the whole thing?

We do need to ask ourselves questions: Am I being obedient in taking my next steps? Is there anything I’m not doing that God told me to do? Do I need to confess a sin?

But sometimes God has us wait for a reason. His timing is so much better than ours. He knows more than we do, and He is always working behind the scenes. Sometimes, God is preparing things for us that we cannot see until it all comes together. Sometimes, He is preparing us because we are not yet ready for what He wants to give us.

Waiting is hard, but it can increase our faith if we cling to God and His promises. He promises to work all things “for the good for those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

God is not just a promise maker, He’s a promise keeper. If you’re waiting, what Naomi said in Ruth 3:18 about Boaz is true of God in your life. He will not rest until the matter is settled.


  • What is one thing you’re waiting on God for?
  • Have you taken the next step God has shown you?
  • What’s one promise from God you need to cling to while you wait?

Not sure what your next step is? We’d love to help. Check out the Next Steps page or stop by the Next Steps Area at your campus on Sunday.

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