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Session 5

For Your Glory And For Me

Read: John 6:38-40, Psalm 98:4-9

Listen to “For Your Glory And For Me” then read the following. 

That dessert you raved about the other night, the vacation spot you went to last summer, the college football team you cheer for – these are all  things we revere with glory.

Glory is the beauty, fame and greatness of something or someone. You can tell what you think is glorious by what you love and what you talk about a lot. The things we love, we don’t want to keep to ourselves. We tell other people so they can experience the glory of these things, too.

Jesus is worth talking about and getting excited about! He loves us so much He gave His life so we can know God and live with Him forever.

When we know God and follow Him step by step, we publicly display with our lives that God is glorious and deserves our obedience.

Jesus left heaven, came to earth and died a public death for His glory and for you. Baptism is an opportunity for us to publicly declare our decision to follow Jesus. He went public for you. Will you go public for Him?


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