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Session 4

The Height

Read: Psalm 19, Psalm 130

Listen to “The Height” then read the following. 

When did you last watch a sunset? Remember the first time you saw mountains or the ocean?

We stop and stare at things that amaze us. God is an artist who’s always showing us something remarkable about who He is and what He does.

God wants us to know Him even more than we want to know Him. Nature is one way God declares His glory. He also speaks to us through the Bible and other people who follow Jesus.

There’s so much to learn about God. He helps us know how to live a good life, how to treat people, how to love our spouses and families, how to deal with conflict. It’s amazing that the God who created the universe is the same one who wants each of us to experience joy and fulfillment in life. And, it’s amazing that He shares these things with us in the Bible.

If we don’t read the Bible and learn from other Christians, we’re missing out on the things God wants us to know about Him and about life.

What questions do you have about God? Who can you ask to help you find answers?

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