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Session 4

Life is better when experienced together

Read: Song of Solomon 2:8-15

When was the last time you put down your to-do list and Twitter feed long enough to experience the good things happening around you? Laughter from the kids playing catch in the front yard, the dogwood full of blooms after being dormant all winter, affection from your spouse after a day spent apart — life is happening all around us. And it should be enjoyed.

In Song of Solomon 2:8-15, the girl and her lover describe a world worth being noticed and enjoyed. With excitement and joy, she awaits the arrival of her man. Once united, he invites her to come with him so they can enjoy the beauty around them together (Song of Solomon 2:11-13). They show us that enjoyment of life can be greatly enhanced through relationships.

Enjoying what God has given us gives life to our souls.

Although Song of Solomon was written in a different, arguably simpler period of time, we can still learn from this couple. The lovers celebrated their joy through recognizing beauty in creation and in one another. God created the world, the beauty we see, the joy of love and sex, and gave us senses to enjoy them.

Don’t mistake Instagramming the romantic date you had with your partner for true enjoyment. Enjoying what God has given us gives life to our souls. Those moments aren’t easily captured in a photo or caption, and that’s OK.

Take time to enjoy what God has put around you today.


  • What is one obstacle that stops you from enjoying God’s blessings in your life? Are you too busy? Too distracted?
  • What’s one step you can take to experience the good things God has placed around you today?


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