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You can tell true college football fans by the way they tailgate. They’ve got a tent larger than many homes. They’ve got a 60-inch LCD HDTV with a satellite dish and picture-in-picture capability. They’ve laid down carpet. They’ve got sofas and La-Z-Boys. They’ve got mini-fridges to store their drinks. They’ve got infrared grills loaded with chicken wings, ribs and steaks, and tables stacked with every side dish you can imagine.

When it comes to game day, time is meaningless. Money is no object. All our efforts are a joy. A true fan is all in.

When it comes to loving Jesus, we’re meant to show that type of surrender. As Jesus points out in the story about the pearl merchant, he is worth more than everything we could ever own. Only a fool would refuse to trade it all in for more of Jesus, because Jesus is the source of all blessing.

We see how this works itself out in Acts 2 and Acts 4 when the early church is exploding, and the disciples are eyewitnesses to remarkable things happening through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The disciples freely, eagerly and joyously sold possessions and belongings, laying the proceeds at the Apostles’ feet. To them, proclaiming the Good News of Jesus and helping His people was worth more than anything else. They trusted God that they would have all they needed.

If you bristle at the weekly challenge to give to the church, to fund ministry and to give back to God, ask yourself ‘why?’ Perhaps Jesus is testing your heart. In his mercy, He’s showing you that He isn’t your highest joy and building His kingdom isn’t your deepest desire.

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