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Session 4

Test Me

Read: Malachi 3:10

The other day I was talking with my preschooler about what she’s been learning in class. She started telling me about how her teacher had been teaching them about manners. She said she was one of the only ones in her class who knew all of the manners they were learning. I asked her what her manners were and she said, “Test me.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone ask to be tested unless they felt sure they would pass.

In this verse, God is telling His people to bring the entire tithe into the storehouse. The Lord also tells the people, “Test me.” The Lord wanted to bless His people, but He first wanted them to be obedient. The Lord wants to bless us, too. To receive the rich blessings He has in store for us, we must first be obedient in the small things He has asked of us. By tithing, we show the Lord we will be obedient. The Lord promises that if we are obedient He will open up the floodgates and pour out more blessings on us than we know what to do with.

Thanks be to God for His faithfulness and for always keeping His promises.

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