Read the Bible with us in 2022

The Bible Recap is a daily Bible reading plan with a short, daily podcast that highlights and summarizes that day’s Bible reading in a casual, easy-to-understand way. We’re partnering with The Bible Recap to go through the Bible chronologically in 2022!

To join, make the commitment to yourself that you’re going to keep at it every day.

1. How to Read

Follow along with the daily reading on the NewSpring App, the Bible Appthis PDF, or click here to receive daily texts with our Bible reading every morning at 6am. 

2. How to Listen

Subscribe to the podcast on the streaming service that works best for you! Set your podcasts to play in sequential order. If you fall behind, you’ll be able to pick back up easily.

If you call NewSpring Church your home, use the code NEWSPRING10 for 10% off your entire purchase from The Bible Recap store. This includes books, studies, accessories, and more! This deal won’t last forever. Discount expires Feb. 28.



Which version of the Bible should I use?

The Bible Recap uses the ESV (English Standard Version) of the Bible. We recommend that you avoid buying a chronological Bible because it will likely be laid out differently than our plan. Instead, just use your regular print Bible or follow along via the NewSpring App.

What if I’m already using the Bible App every day?

If you’re already reading the Bible every day with the Bible App, we’d love for you to start The Bible Recap reading plan with us on Jan. 1 on YouVersion!

Can I still do this if I missed the Jan. 1 start date?

Absolutely! You can start on Day 1 at any time. If you want to know where we are in our daily reading so you can catch up, text READ MY BIBLE to 30303 or click here.

I’m not on schedule with you. Do I have to keep scrolling back every day?

Your streaming service should have the option to play podcasts in order instead of “play the most recent episode.” If you aren’t able to change that setting, you can still follow along online.

Podcasts aren’t really for me. Do you have any other options?

Anything in The Bible Recap store is 10% off through Feb. 28, 2022 using this code: NEWSPRING10. If podcasts aren’t the best option for you, you can find the podcast in book form there!

Do you have any tools for reading the Bible together as a group?

Talk with your Group leader or ask a volunteer at Guest Services on Sunday. We’ll connect you to a member of the Discipleship Team at your campus that will give you a 2022 Weekly Group Guide.

Looking for more resources from The Bible Recap?

Learn more about The Bible Recap and find helpful resources at

Still have questions?

We’d love to answer any questions you might have.