A family’s amazing journey to bring orphans hope

April 5, 2018

generosity vision missions holy spirit boldmoves

L.J. and Danee Davis were ordinary country folks. Then God showed them their family’s heart belonged in missions in Kenya.

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’Bout That Life

Sep 2, 2015

students vision

We are all about helping you live the life God’s called you to. Learn more in the Fuse magazine!

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How To Be Different

From Different

Jan 8, 2018

church vision discipleship

We were made to be different. But we won’t get there by doing what we’ve always done. This requires a change from the inside out. We’ll h...

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Why you need to be honest about your family’s success and failures

family parenting vision

Growing up, I heard or saw things I swore I would never do or say. But, as a married stepmom to two girls, I have done and said those thi...

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Planning for a Party of Two?

singleness money vision

Most single people have an idea of what they want their family to look like one day. However, few of us actually live like we think that ...

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