“4 Obstacles to Happily Ever After” Sermon Recap in 10 Tweets

Recap from the “4 Obstacles to Happily Ever After” sermon in 140 characters or less.

  1. Any relationship not built on trust will falter. #EveAdam
  2. Brokenness in and of itself is NOT the problem. Deciding to stay broken when Christ offers wholeness is the problem. #EveAdam
  3. As women, we sometimes don't trust God and wonder if He is just another dude working an angle. He is trustworthy. #EveAdam
  4. Jesus came and did ministry so that we don’t have to stand over our pain like it is our possession. #EveAdam
  5. Sometimes our hurt is a result of our own sin. That does NOT diminish His compassion. #EveAdam
  6. God defines happily ever after and we will not find it apart from Him. #EveAdam
  7. Our emptiness is meant to drive us to Him and the wait is meant to grow our relationship with Him. #EveAdam
  8. God will not be rushed because He will not compromise on His purpose. #EveAdam
  9. We cannot avoid the wait in our life, but we can waste it. #EveAdam
  10. Time is not our enemy because God is always at work. #EveAdam