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What Happens in Preschool?


Each Sunday, NewSpring children’s ministry provides a fun and engaging atmosphere where children meet Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him. A typical Sunday service for each classroom has three components:

ACTIVITY STATIONS:  The service begins with time for your child to play at the many age-appropriate activity stations, most of which relate to the theme of the current series.  The purpose of this time is for your child to feel comfortable, connect with friends and volunteer leaders and have FUN! SMALL GROUP:  All children are assigned to the same small group each week so they can build strong friendships with their leader and peers. During small group, the leader goes over the lesson, emphasizing a main point for the week, and a Bible story that relays that point. Each group completes activities that reinforce the lesson, and they also discuss how to apply what they’ve learned! LARGE GROUP:  All the children join together in front of a stage to be a part of a large group program. During large group, the children worship, play crazy games and participate in a creative presentation of the Bible story that utilizes video, puppets, live acting and audience participation.  We’ve found this interactive format to be incredibly successful in reinforcing the main point and the Bible story.

By the time you return to pick up your kids, don’t be surprised if they want to stay!