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Sunday at KidSpring (Preschool):: October 16, 2011


Obeying is not always easy, especially when we are tired! But this Sunday in KidSpring, preschoolers learned to say "I Will Obey When I Am Tired!" from the story of The Battle of Jericho in Joshua 6. Joshua and the Israelites had to march for a long time around the walls of Jericho, but they obeyed, and great things happened! We can be just like the Israelites and obey when have to do hard and tiring things.

In large group, we helped Kimmie obey and get the Anything-Mobile ready for a balloon-car race around the Taj Mahal. In small group we did some warm-up race exercises and talked about times when we may get tired of obeying--cleaning up, finishing our milk before we go play, and waiting paitiently for treats. We also practiced remembering this verse from the Bible:

"So let's not (shake arms in "no" motion)

get tired (lay head on hands like sleeping)

of doing what is good." (two thumbs up)

Galatians 6:9 (hold up six fingers)

Don't miss the next Sunday in The Grace Race Jr. as we turn the Anything-Mobile into a hovercraft and race down the Amazon River!

Sunday at KidSpring (Preschool):: October 9, 2011


We had so much fun this Sunday as we "started our engines" in a new series called The Great Race Jr.! The story of Peter and Jesus walking on water (Matthew 14:22-23) helped us learn to say, "I Will Pray When I Am Afraid!" In small group, we talked about what makes us feel afraid--like being in the dark or meeting new people.  

During our time together in Large Group, we met Kimmie, a member of the Guy Handsome Reacing Team. She was afraid of the loud race cars passing by, but when she remembered to pray, she was not afraid anymore!

Our Remember Verse for this series comes from Galatians 6:9.  It says,

"So let's not (shake arms in "no" motion)

get tired (lay head on hands like sleeping)

of doing what is good." (two thumbs up)

Galatians 6:9 (hold up six fingers)

Don't miss next Sunday as The Grace Race Jr. continues with a balloon-car race at the Taj Mahal!

Sunday at KidSpring (Elementary School)::  October 9, 2011


Our new series, The Great Race, was a big success this week as kids K-5th grade met up with our race competitors, Kip Daring and Dr. Despair.

As Kip and Dr. Despair ran through the streets of San Francisco, Kip modeled for the kids what we Need to Know this week:  I Will Keep on Praying!

Our Bible story came from Nehemiah 1-2:8 where we saw Nehemiah talking to God about rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and about every problem he faced along the way. Even when God answered Nehemiah's prayer, he did not stop praying!

This week at home, write your family's prayer requests on post it notes and place them in a basket. Throughout the day each time you remember to keep on praying, take one post it note from the basket and pray about that request. Then, be sure to put it back so others can keep on praying too!

Just for fun, check out http://www.jellytelly.com/video/bentley-brothers-nehemiah/ to see a silly song we are learning to help us remember the entire story of Nehemiah's life.  

We'll see you back in KidSpring next week as The Great Race continues!!

Sunday At KidSpring (Elementary School):: October 2, 2011


We had a blast this Sunday wrapping up our sideways series on Proverbs! Everyone was challenged by Proverbs 16:3, "Let God be in charge of whatever you do. Then your plans will work out for good."

Mr. Wise told us a story about a former student named Gene Yus who successfully applied God's word to his life! Gene even told Mr. Wise this story from the Bible about how Joshua let the Lord be in charge of his plans in Joshua 1:1-18:

In small group we reviewed all the Proverbs we've learned during this series. If kids could remember most of the eight Proverbs, they won a prize!

Next Sunday we start a brand new series called The Great Race! Join world famous racers Kip Daring and Jenny Alright as they race around the world against the evil Dr. Despair and his minions! 

Sunday at KidSpring (Preschool):: October 2, 2011


This Sunday was the last in our Let's Play School series. We've had fun learning different Proverbs with Miss/Mr. Wise, Conor, Willy Worm, and our small group leaders and friends. This week we learned to Say "Yes" to Goodness from Proverbs 11:18 (CEV), which says:

"Meanness (make a mean face)

gets you nowhere (wave arms in "no" motion)

but goodness (make opposite circles with both thumbs up)

is rewarded." (pat self on back)

Our small group leaders, along with our class pet, Willy Worm, helped us understand "goodness". They told us how Joseph was good to his brothers even when they were mean to him (Genesis 23-45). Say "Where's Willy Worm?" and click below to hear this Bible story how we heard it Sunday in KidSpring! Then join us next week as we begin zooming around the world in The Great Race!

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