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Be a Pirate!


Pretending to be a pirate can be a swashbuckling treat! This past Sunday preschoolers dressed like pirates in small group by wearing a special hat. Help your child dress like a pirate using clothing & objects from around your home--scarves, belts, striped clothing, vests, stuffed animals, athletic pants, etc. Our pirate friends below can give you some inspiration!

While you're pretending to be a pirate, practice saying our series Remember Verse--if your preschooler can remember it in a few weeks, he/she will win a prize!

"When you look for me (unroll pretend map)

with all your heart, (pat heart)

you will find me." (point toward heaven)

Jeremiah 29:13

Feel free to wear your pirate garb to KidSpring this Sunday! We can't wait to see you then!

Sunday at KidSpring (Elementary):: March 25, 2012 REVIEW


Ahoy, mateys!  This week, we learned When I Follow Jesus, I Am Generous!  In Small Group, we played a game to help us remember to be generous.  You can play this game at home with your family, too!  We played a basic game of "Go Fish" with a slight twist.  In order to win this game of "Go Fish," the person with the LEAST pairs at the end of the game is the winner!  That means they gave away the most cards (or they were GENEROUS with their cards!).  After playing this game, discuss some ways that you can practice being generous as a family!



Sunday at KidSpring (Preschool):: March 25, 2012 REVIEW


Want something different and fun to do with your kids? Have a talent show! Take turns showing off things that you are each good at doing.

After the "show" or at your next meal, talk about how God made us to do really cool things, and that God made Jesus to do GREAT things! Let everyone try to name a few of the great things Jesus does--he came back to life after he died, he heals people, protects us, gives us what we need, and so much more!

One great thing that Jesus did was feed a huge crowd with only a little lunch (Matthew 14:13-22 & John 6:1-15). Have fun reading this story with your preschooler from a children's Bible. In KidSpring we use & recommend The Beginner's Bible:

Sunday at KidSpring (Elementary):: March 25, 2012


Ahoy Crew!

As Captain and Salty continue on their voyage to the Island of the Unknown, they come upon another ship! We found out that this ship is the Ursula McScabby and it is captained by Captain Nosebleed. Captain Nosebleed and his crew are almost out of food and water since they were pillaged by pirates. Captain Captain decides to be generous and give Captain Nosebleed and his crew food, water, and even gold from his personal treasure!

Captain Captain told us about a story from the Bible that helped us learn When I Follow Jesus, I Am Generous!

Check back on Wednesday to find out a way your family can practice being generous!

Sunday at KidSpring (Preschool):: March 25, 2012


Ahoy landlubbers! This Sunday our wee little preschool pirates answered another pirate question: "Pirates set sail on the ocean blue, but what sorts of things does Jesus do?" Through the story of Jesus feeding thousands in Matthew 14:13-22 & John 6:1-15 we discovered that The Bible Says Jesus Does Great Things! Watch and listen to our special map tell this great story by clicking below:

Come back later this week to see more of what your preschooler did in KidSpring this Sunday!

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