NewSpring Church | Gospel of Luke: 30 Day Bible Study Bible Study

Day 19

  • Luke 16
  • Psalm 49


The bible describes two kinds of wealth. The first kind of wealth is used to buy and build houses, buy cars, go on vacation, get clothes, and pay bills. To acquire this type of wealth one must have a job or a rich family member as this type of wealth comes from a worldly source. The second type of wealth comes from God and is described as “true riches”. “True riches” describes something of eternal worth; a heavenly treasure we are to make deposits into while on earth. To acquire this kind of wealth we must steward all that Christ has given us in order to build Christ's Kingdom.

In order to be faithful in our handling of wealth we must understand the difference between ownership and stewardship. We would say we know the difference between ownership and stewardship but many times our actions tell a different story. An owner has rights to his property and can do whatever he wishes with his property. A steward is given responsibility to manage property with the understanding that, one day, he will be called to account for his handling of the property. We are stewards of God's property, not owners of our own. If we understood that we would have a completely different attitude towards money and stuff. We would be less interested in building our kingdom and more interested in building God's. We'd make decisions with our money based on what God cares about, not based on our selfish ambition or frivolous desires.

In handling all that God has blessed us with, we must not be near–sighted. Where can you use your worldly wealth to make a difference for God? When we view the money and stuff passing through our hands as God's, God is pleased and rewards us now and in eternity.