10 Tips for Getting Spiritually Unstuck

Beth Marshall

Combining Bible study with a little cardio at the gym seemed like a terrific plan. Sadly, 10 minutes into the workout my mind was a million miles away. Have you ever let distraction, routine or maybe pride block your relationship with the Lord? I have.

I reached out to friends on social media and at church for help, and turns out, I’m not the only one who sometimes feels spiritually stuck.

10 Tips for Digging Out of a Spiritual Rut   

1. Unplug.

Do whatever it takes, short of putting the kids up for adoption, to disconnect from noise and distractions. Waking before anyone else in your home is 99 percent guaranteed to help you hear from God.

2. Let somebody in.

Confess your situation to a trusted friend and ask for prayer. Give them permission to get in your business and ask you tough questions.

3. Shake things up.

Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result is insanity. Maybe it’s time for a change of location or a new study. Maybe it’s time to try hearing God’s Word instead of reading it. YouVersion offers more than 1,000 Bible versions, 700 languages, and an audio version of the Bible.

4. Be real.

Sin can short circuit your close connection with Jesus. Psalm 139:23-24 invites the Lord to search our hearts and reveal anything that separates us from Him. If sin is revealed, immediately confess it and ask for forgiveness. Pray for God’s strength to help you turn the other direction.

5. Step out.

Getting outside to walk, run, or hike is a phenomenal way to focus on the Lord and His creation.    

6. Say thanks.  

Psalm 100:4 reminds us to enter God’s presence with thanksgiving. Make a list of 10 things you’re grateful for, or post a “gratitude board” in your home for family and guests to write on.

7. Listen up.

Music, for many of us, is the quickest path to meaningful worship. If you’re going through a challenging season, tuning in to a podcast or cranking up some worship music can bring encouragement and direction.   

8. Serve.

Serving is an excellent antidote for spiritual stagnation. Ask the Lord, “Please show me who I can bless today. Help me look outside myself!”

9. Go old school.

Are you ever distracted by your tablet or smartphone during your time with Jesus? You may want to go back to the book. Reading an actual Bible — one with pages and no charger — can help.

10. Have a conversation with Jesus.  

Sit quietly with a blank journal and wait to hear from the Lord. Then record what you sense He is saying. You might want to ask questions. It is amazing how He will speak to us when we turn down the bass and the noise of life, and listen.  

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