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Our Vision

We are a church that wants to see everyone everywhere in an everyday relationship with Jesus.

If that's also something you desire, come join our team!

In 2020 we started down a 10-year path we call Vision 2030. Until 2030, our vision is focused on three things: getting our current campuses in permanent homes, eliminating all of our debt (completed as of 2023), and planting ten churches that are not NewSpring campuses.

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“I truly love the culture of understanding.

Our job is pretty flexible, and I cannot possibly think of another place where my family truly comes first. Also, I love that I am not allowed to take myself too seriously, which makes for a fun working environment.”

Maliek Burrell
Worship Leader

“I have loved working at NewSpring because it feels like a genuine team.

Everyone is friendly, generous, and wants to see each other win. Because leaders have always cared about and invested in my growth both at work and at home, I am so much wiser and all-around healthier than I was before working here.”

Kelsey Estrada
KidSpring Art Director

“I've spent many years of my life working at NewSpring. They've been—without a doubt—the best years of my life!

It's an incredible environment where the people you work for and serve alongside care about you, your family, and your walk with God. Each day my tires hit the parking lot, I'm excited to be here! I can't imagine a better place to invest my life building the kingdom of God!”

Tom Haren
Outreach Coordinator

“My wife and baby girls are just as loved and seen by NewSpring as I am as an employee.

NewSpring believes that the health and well-being of my family is a huge part of me being successful in ministry and makes every accommodation necessary to keep my home Christ-centered and joyful. You're not going to find a more family-oriented and healthy work environment!”

Jacob Brown
Safety Director

Job Openings

NewSpring is one church with 13 campuses across South Carolina, so be sure to note the location of each opening.

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Hiring Process

God made you and uniquely gifted you.

Our hiring process is designed to discern whether the role you’re applying for is the right fit right now.

We know your life and your time is valuable. So, if at any point in the process, it’s clear that the job you’re applying for isn’t the best fit, we’ll be in touch. You should also feel the freedom to email us at


Our team will review it to see if your skills and experience fit this role.

Let's Talk

The hiring manager will schedule a time to talk via phone or video to get to know you better. They’ll want to hear how you met Jesus and what drew you to this role.

Skills & Gifting

We use several tools to help discern whether ministry in this context will be the best fit for you.

Meet The Team

We do everything in team, so it’s important to get to know the people you’d be working with.


These guys have great discernment, and they ask great questions. They’ll also be praying through whether this staff role is the right fit for you.

Offer Letter

If everything is a yes up to this point, we’ll send you an offer with salary and benefits in writing to pray through. At that point, you’ve got our yes. The question is whether we have yours!


We truly care about our staff and their families!

NewSpring staff members have a variety of financial, personal, developmental, and health benefits available. Some of these perks include:

Health Insurance

You and your family’s health are covered on day one.

403b Retirement Plan

We match up to 5% of your investment.

Long Term/Life Insurance

We cover 100%.

Paid Time Off

We want you to win at home, too!

Free Membership to Ramsey+

(with EveryDollar+ access)

Track your financial progress and plan for the future.

Leadership Development Programs

We care about who you are and who you are becoming.

Sabbatical Program

We follow the biblical rhythm of work and rest, offering a three-week sabbatical every seventh year of ministry.

Opportunity to Attend Seminary

At Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

We’re happy to encourage your continued education.

Counseling or Coaching

With Full Strength Network

We cover 12 sessions per year; whether you need healing from the past or equipping for the future.

Work-Life Balance

Ministry is a way of life, but we do our best to maintain a five day work week.


Is an Internship right for you?

NewSpring Church has an internship program that provides meaningful hands-on experience with mentors who want to see you succeed. Our internships exist to build the person building the kingdom.

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We’d love to answer any questions you might have.

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