Three things children teach us about faith

When’s the last time you learned something from a child?

Kids have a unique perspective to offer, but not many people listen. Usually, the adults have something to teach the children (and we do!). But we can learn something from kids, too.

Jesus wants us to have a child-like faith, but not a childish faith.  Here are three things children can teach us about growing in our relationships with Jesus:

1. Children trust completely.

Children embrace people and opportunities without reservation. Perhaps it’s because they haven’t experienced hurt or broken relationships to the extent adults have. Be nice to a child, and he or she will most likely accept you as a trustworthy friend.

Or, when an opportunity arises, children will offer solutions without fear of being criticized, even if the solution seems impossible to our adult minds. In John 6:1-14, a boy gave up his lunch to strangers because they asked. As a result, he witnessed a miracle and helped feed thousands of people he didn’t even know (John 6:1-14).

Yes, we should be wary of people’s intentions. But Jesus tells us to love like children, assuming the best rather than the worst (1 Corinthians 13:7).

2. Children believe without boundaries.

Kids have no problem believing the world is big, amazing and full of potential. It’s only when people grow into adolescence and adulthood that they become numb to the world around them and fail to see it with the awe they once had. The world becomes familiar and ordinary, losing the sense of excitement it once had.

Children believe what they are told, and they aren’t worried about appearing crazy to others. Jesus commends children for their willingness to accept the things of God, even if they don’t understand everything (Luke 18:16-17). Complete understanding isn’t a requirement to follow Jesus: simple faith is.

3. Children are curious, not afraid.

Kids ask questions about everything. They aren't afraid of the answers or of looking dumb. Adults tend to grow content with quick and easy answers so we don’t have to keep digging. The full truth about something can be intimidating, so it’s easier to avoid. But children keep asking, “why?” until they can understand the answer in their own way.

Stay hungry for truth like kids do. God loves when people pursue Him with a passion for the truth (Matthew 7:7-8).

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