3 ways you can pray for Gauntlet

Gauntlet: a week that changes everything. A week that will kick start a movement that impacts the world. What if this year's Gauntlet is the start of a movement that changes the Church forever? What if?

This week, thousands of students and adult volunteers from NewSpring packed into buses and headed down to Daytona Beach for what promises to be a life changing week. As a church, we want to ask the Lord to do immeasurably more in the hearts of every student and volunteer at Gauntlet than we could ever imagine.

3 Ways You Can Pray for Gauntlet Today

1. Life Change and Next Steps (Hebrews 3:7-19)

Gauntlet week will make an impact on eternity. Students will take next steps this week, and their lives will never be the same.  Pray for the hearts of all of our students to be ready to surrender completely to Jesus. No distractions, no confusion, no doubt, and no fear. We are asking that God would prepare every student and volunteer to hear clearly from Him and readily respond. We are asking and believing that students will respond to the Gospel this week and move from death to life. We know other students will finally be able to take their next step of faith, and still others may surrender an area of their life that they have been holding back. Whatever each individual's next step looks like, ask God to lead every student to listen and obey. We don't want any student to miss this opportunity to live for Jesus forever, so let's ask God to make every heart ready to respond.

2. Confession and Repentance (1 John 1:9, James 5:16)

There will be opportunities this week for students to confess their sins to one another and their leaders. Pray that the Lord will give them the courage to confess and the strength to follow through by turning away from their sins and welcoming accountability into their lives. Pray for the leaders of every room — that they would have the words to speak and the compassion and grace to love the students well. Pray that this week would be a turning point for thousands of our students: they will no longer be defined by sin but be set free in Jesus.

3. Let the Wave Continue (1 Tim 4:12-16)

Our church believes the wave starts in the student section. This generation will pave the way for the greatest revival that the world has ever seen. Pray that what happens this week won’t stay in Daytona, but momentum will build, lives will change, and our church will be changed forever. Pray that Jesus will set a fire in every soul on this trip that will influence schools and sports teams across the state of South Carolina. The movement is just beginning.

This week as you pray for Gauntlet, pray for these three things specifically. Ask that God would keep our staff, students, and volunteers safe, but also ask for more than that. We want to see something happen that only God can take credit for. We want immeasurably more. We want God to kick start a wave that changes the world. "With God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26).

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