A Recipe for Starting Over

A recap of Brad Cooper’s sermon, “A Recipe for Starting Over,” in 140 characters or less.

  1. Your past doesn't define you. #StartOver
  2. How are you going to make sure the next time is not like the last time? #StartOver
  3. You can’t go back and change the past, but you can start over. #StartOver
  4. We cannot blame our way into a better future.  #StartOver 
  5. As long as we are hiding and blaming, we are smuggling our struggles into the future.  #StartOver 
  6. The heart of the Father is to come after us — not to get us, but to lovingly cover us. #StartOver  
  7. God is better at saving than we are at sinning! #StartOver
  8. If we expect to own our issues, we have to understand that God is our ally. #StartOver
  9. Own your piece of the pie, and you will begin to work toward peace in the new year.   #StartOver
  10. Jesus can overcome any situation. You're not stuck. You're not trapped. There is hope, and Jesus is the hope. #StartOver

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