Are You Spiritually Bankrupt?

Trish Crossley

Going for broke can be high-risk business. When we think the chances are in our favor, we are more inclined to wager more than we would want to lose.

The reality is this. If you have debt, then you have risk. There is a possibility of going bankrupt and being declared in law unable to pay the outstanding debt.

This doesn’t just apply to our finances. It applies spiritually, too.

After all, what’s the point of being financially free if we're spiritually bankrupt?

Our financial status is a temporary situation, whereas; our spiritual status is an eternal condition.

Debt separates us from financial freedom in the same way that sin separates us from spiritual freedom.

So, how many sins does it take to spiritually bankrupt us? Just one. 

Telling a little, white lie might not seem that costly and fudging the numbers a little in our favor when asked about our weight or age doesn’t seem like such a crime. But no matter how small our sin is, it only takes one to separate us from a holy God for all eternity.

God can do anything — but sin. He is so holy He can’t even be near sin. This is why Jesus’ life, death and resurrection are essential cornerstones of Christianity.

3 Steps To Avoid Spiritual Bankruptcy

1. Reconcile Your Account

Understand Jesus died to make a way between you and God.

Recognizing Jesus for who He is, the only perfect Son of God that died for our sins,  reveals the truth that none of us have enough spiritual credit to cover our sin (Romans‬ 3‬:23‬). But, Jesus gave his life to purchase freedom for everyone. Jesus paid our spiritual debt in full (1 Timothy 2:6; Mark 10:45)!

2.  Initiate Your Balance Transfer

Deposit God’s Grace by beginning a personal relationship with Jesus.

You can talk to Jesus by praying to Him. Repent by telling Him you are sorry for your sins then ask for His forgiveness.

When we ask Jesus to forgive our sins then confess Him as our Lord, the relationship is permanently established (Romans 10:9). From that moment, you’re a part of God’s family and nothing could ever separate you from His love (Romans 8:37-39).

3. Schedule Regular Deposits

Following Jesus is not a religion, it’s a relationship. We get to know Him by reading the Bible, praying and attending church. As you grow in your faith, Jesus will reveal more about who He is and the purpose that He had in mind for your life when He created you.

With Jesus, the best really is yet to come! You were meant to thrive not simply survive. You can live in freedom.

Look forward to the days ahead. You’re a new creation in Jesus and are promised a life full of abundance, hope and joy (Jeremiah 29:11).

If you just prayed and asked Jesus into your life for the first time, email us at We want to celebrate with you!


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