Behind the Music of Salvation Rise

A Q&A with Worship Director Lee McDerment

Why do we sing every Sunday?

The goal of singing songs every Sunday is to point people to Jesus and toward the sermon they are about to receive, to open their hearts and break down any walls people may have up. The overall goal of every NewSpring service is repentance: life-change for everyone in the room!

What was the songwriting process like for “Salvation Rise”?

All our Worship Leaders met from all over the state and came together to write songs for the album at a weekend retreat. Each campus had writing sessions ahead of time coming into the retreat. So many band members had a hand in these songs all over the state! I'd briefly give a devotional from the Scriptures — some subject material to write from — and then we would break up in groups of three or four to write for a couple hours.

How are the songs in “Salvation Rise” different from other songs and albums NewSpring Worship has written or performed?

These songs are an overflow of where are church currently is, which is full of growth and life change. We have really worked hard to collaborate with all of our Worship Leaders and band members on the songwriting process. We also brought in musicians from outside of NewSpring to give us fresh perspectives. Overall, it's different because we prayed, wrote, and collaborated so much more than ever.

What song on the album has special meaning for you?

“My God, My Father” really resonates with me every time I hear it. It was written for Fuse, but it's an anthem for me every time.

What’s one thing you want every person hearing music at a NewSpring service to know?

I really want everyone who hears music at NewSpring to feel drawn to Jesus. Every time we play a hymn, a worship song, or a song from the radio, the purpose behind it is always consistent: help people see Jesus. All the music we use has that motive behind it.

What is the next big thing for NewSpring Worship?

Write more songs and help our church reach 100,000 people!

Go here to download "Salvation Rise" on iTunes or pick up a copy at any NewSpring campus on Sunday. 

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