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Best of the Blog 2013

By: Heidi Charalambous

Since the start of 2013, we’ve written on hundreds of topics -- everything from dating and marriage to spiritual warfare and God’s will for our lives. Along the way, the NewSpring Blog celebrated its first birthday and hit 1 million views! 

As we anticipate all that’s to come in 2014, here’s a look back at the most popular posts of 2013.

Top Posts of 2013

10. An Open Letter From A Single Guy To A Single Girl

Want to know what men find attractive? From how to get a man’s attention to the expectations you put on him, here are five things single guys want single girls to know.  

9.  God Can Be Trusted

Trust will determine the success or failure of all of our relationships: with our friends, spouses, children, and even with God. All of our behaviors and attitudes will be governed by whether or not we trust God’s character.

8. An Open Letter From A Single Girl To A Single Guy

Single girls are often accused of being picky, unrealistic and setting standards that are way too high. But that’s not really true. In fact, single guys the single girls have faith in you. They just won’t settle for you to be less than the man God has called you to be.

7.  What Would Jesus Say To The Gay Community?

There is a lot of noise on the news and in public forums about gay marriage and traditional values. Everyone has an opinion on what’s right and what’s wrong. But what would Jesus say? How would Jesus address a gay man or a lesbian? Looking through scripture, Jesus makes His thoughts fairly clear.

6. Focus Determines Direction

How many times have you been driving a car, taken your eyes off the road for a minute, and began to drift towards the left or the right? In defensive driving classes, they teach you to keep your car centered by fixing your gaze straight ahead as far down the road as possible. When our gaze is fixed on something, our course will follow. Life works the same way. What we focus on becomes the new direction of our decisions.

5. Let’s Talk About Sex

Our sex-saturated culture says, “More sex now with whomever.” The Christian message is quite different – sex is to be exclusive and intimate, between one man and one woman, inside the bonds of a lasting marriage. What is the big deal? Who cares? Why should we care? Are Christians just a bunch of repressed, puritanical party poopers?

4. 10 Scriptures On Spiritual Warfare

Just under the surface of our everyday interactions, hiding in the shadows, clouded in mystery and confusion--Satan is real. Angels, demons, spiritual warfare--they all exist, but we don't have to live in fear. Here are 10 scriptures to read and memorize that will equip you for the battle ahead.

3. 5 Things A Successful Marriage Has To Have

In this post, Pastor Perry shares the five things a successful marriage has to have. And by the way, these all have to happen before marriage.

2. Words of Thanks

We are wired to thank God. We are built to praise Him. That trait isn’t singular to us. All of Creation is made to thank and praise and love Him. All of Creation has an awareness and an inherent awe for our Creator and Provider.

1. Nice Christian Boys And Girls Make Me Sick

Pastor Perry explains why the last thing he wants for his daughter is for her to date a nice Christian boy.  

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