Care tips and helpful links for Gauntlet leaders

“What if I don’t know what to say?”

This fear wells up in every room leader during invitations and small group times. Thankfully, we aren’t the first people to feel ill-equipped at sharing the Gospel. When the disciples were worried they wouldn’t know how to answer people’s questions, Jesus said, “... do not worry about how to defend yourselves or what to say. For at that time the Holy Spirit will teach you what you should say” (Luke 12:11-12). 

The Holy Spirit is our counselor and our guide. We don’t have to solve every problem or relate to every struggle. What students need from us isn’t necessarily answers, but a judgment-free place to share their hearts and hear from Jesus. 

So as you walk to the care area and before you start small group time, pray. Ask Jesus to speak through you and show you what to say. 

Starting the Conversation 

A great first question to ask is simply, “What did you hear in the message that made you want to raise your hand/ask for care?”
To keep the conversation going, remember these tips: 

  • Ask open-ended questions. Anything that can’t be answered with “yes” or “no” will encourage your student to better express their thoughts and feelings. 
  • Listen more than you speak. Embrace the awkward silence and give students time to think.
  • Secrets don’t keep students safe. If a student is in danger or laws are being broken, we are legally and morally required to notify law enforcement. 
  • If a student asks if something can stay between the two of you, tell them you love them too much to promise that. Explain that in order to help them, you may need to involve someone else. 
  • Point your student to Jesus. He is the one who can set us free from every sin. 

Resources by Topic

Below you’ll find articles on some of the most common struggles students face. Topics noted with an * are situations you’ll want to include a staff member in. 

How to use these links: 
  • Sharing articles related to what students are going through lets them know you care and are committed to helping them take their next step. 
  • You might also want to browse these articles to gain insight that will help you love the students in your room. 


Best resources on abuse
Healing for abuse victims starts here


Top resources on anxiety
How to battle anxiety and win
How to beat the odds against social anxiety


6 common questions about baptism
Do you need to be baptized again?

The Bible

Bible studies written with students in mind:

Body Image

Top resources on body image
The battle for a healthy body image


Relief isn’t found in self-harm
What the Bible says about cutting


Top resources on dating
5 common questions about dating


How to deal with depression

Eating Disorders

The battle for a healthy body image

Gender Identity

Why the church is the best place to question your gender identity

Homosexuality and Same-Sex Attraction

What would Jesus say to the gay community?
What you need to know if you’re attracted to someone of the same sex


How to find your identity in Christ
What "they" say doesn't matter
What it means to be a woman
What it means to be a man
Why the church is the best place to question your gender identity


Can purity be reality?
I’ve already had sex, why stop now?
Why sex before marriage is settling for less than God’s best
What Jesus would say to the woman who has been raped


Porn doesn’t care who you are 
Girls watch porn, too


Top resources on prayer


How to break a cycle of sin
Is sin really that bad?


Top resources on suicide
5 tips for helping someone who threatens suicide
* Inform a staff member about any care conversation related to these topics so we can take proper legal action. In order to keep children safe and upheld the law, we can not agree to keep secrets.

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