Deceptively simple ways to transform a conference connection into a deeper friendship

Questions to create conversations that build unbreakable bonds

There’s no “easy button” for sisterhood. It takes time, energy, and a hefty dose of grace. (Be honest. It’s rarely “love at first sight” with besties.) There’s no getting around it: Good ‘ole fashioned intentional sharing is what expands and strengthens bonds.

Try these challenges with girlfriends your traveling with or new connections you make at the NewSpring Women’s Conference. You might want to use an idea or two back home, too!

At the conference

1. Invite someone to share about themselves or just go first. (They’ll probably reciprocate!)

2. What do you think someone would be most surprised to find out about you?

3. Why do you think you needed to be here today?

4. What is something you heard today that you’ve never thought about before?

On the drive or over dinner

Challenge one of your “high-five” friends to go deeper:

1. What’s one of God’s promises that you struggle the most to believe for yourself? Why? 

2. What is one life-changing moment (other than meeting Jesus) that could have sent your life down a different path?

3. What do you consider your greatest failure or biggest regret in life? (There’s no shame. Only overcoming!)

4. What is breaking your heart right now? (If it’s a burden or a passion, it’s yours for a reason.)

5. What’s your next step?

Just for fun, anytime

These activities might help open some areas in you’re friendship you’ve never thought about:   

1. Do a personality test. The Enneagram Test is always good for a discussion! Try it for free and listen to a podcast.

2. Discover your love languages. (Yes, this works for friends and even your kids!Take the test

3. Do a Spiritual Gifts Assessment. Here’s one we use at NewSpring.

Get a group together and play a game!

1. The compliment game.

Try a variation on this kids classic! Get on the living room floor and toss a pillow instead of a bean bag. The thrower names someone to catch the pillow, and they catcher then shares a positive characteristic about that person or a memory together you’re thankful for (and why!). Repeat.

2. Two truths and a lie. 

Share two truths and a lie about yourself, and dare your besties to figure out which is the lie. You can take this in all sorts of spiritual directions. Holy ambitions? Situations you’ve faced in personal ministry? Divine appointments? Faith steps you’ve taken? Be creative!

3. The Q&A game.

Come up with some intriguing questions of your own, or find some online. (These are for use with kids, but most work great for big kids, too!). Put the folded up questions in a basket. Get your gals to pick out one or two. Everyone takes a turn to answer. Bam! Instant conversation.

If your gals are game, reverse it: Write down the answers anonymously. Put the answer papers in a basket. Shake. Pick. Guess who said what. Ask a few follow-up questions! And ... go!

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