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Day 3: God Can Be Trusted

Day 3 of the 7 day Worship Devotional Series. For 7 days, we are featuring a devotional paired up with a song written on the same scripture. Every day on the blog we will publish a new devotion and a new song from the NewSpring Worship Team.

Read: Psalm 16

Trust makes or breaks relationships. You can’t see it or touch it, but it’s obvious whether or not it exists between two people. Trust will determine the success or failure of all of our relationships: with our friends, spouses, children, and even with God. All of our behaviors and attitudes will be governed by whether or not we trust God’s character.

There’s something unique about the Psalms because we learn about God by someone’s response to him. Someone must trust God to be able to write Psalm 16: to ask him to keep him safe, to choose God over all else in the world, to affirm that the Lord will be faithful to His promises.

This affirmation saturates Psalm 16: God is better than anything else. The writer admits there’s another way to live: you can seek after other gods, including seeking after good things, but if we seek things and not God himself, our sorrow will multiply.

We do not need more. We need Him. More things won’t satisfy us: not more money, prestige, or friends. Only God will satisfy us for the rest of our lives. Everything else is temporary. Everything else will leave us wanting. He alone will satisfy our souls. Our contentment is grounded in who God is and not what He can give us.

We must, like the psalmist, realize, “I have no good apart from [God].” We did not earn our gifts or abilities or even our blessings. We have no good apart from the giver of every good and perfect gift. The real gift is the Giver himself, our relationship with God.

Trust God and His goodness above all else. Trust him to satisfy for now and eternity.


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  • Sometimes your heart needs to be reminded of truth by declaring it with your own voice. Read Psalm 16 aloud.
  • Were there any phrases you said that you didn’t believe? Pray over those verses specifically. Ask God to make the words that pass through your lips true in your heart.


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