God’s Plan for Sex

A recap of Kaleb White’s message, “God’s Plan for Sex,” in 140 characters or less. 

  1. Storms are gifts from God that expose how we've been building our lives. #BuiltToLast
  2. Sex was God's idea. He made it, and it is good. #BuiltToLast
  3. God’s plan for sexuality doesn't change based on our feelings. #BuiltToLast
  4. When we replace what God says is good with what we say is good, we quit worshipping God and start worshipping ourselves. #BuiltToLast
  5. Sex is the fire in a marriage. Tend the fire, and it'll warm the whole house. Let it outside the fireplace, and it'll burn the house down. #BuiltToLast
  6. A fireplace doesn't build a fire, it holds it. Men, it’s our job to keep the fire going. #BuiltToLast
  7. Making God's Word the fixed point of reference for our sex lives is one of the most important things we can do. #BuiltToLast
  8. Singles, God's plan for you is that you would be so crazy about Him that you would be able to trust His plan for your sexuality.  #BuiltToLast
  9. Is your marriage really satisfying? Your heart can’t truly be satisfied when it longs for a relationship with Jesus: www.newspring.cc/salvation #BuiltToLast
  10. When it comes to sexuality: What are you building? How are you building it? Is it built to last? #BuiltToLast

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