Hesitating with God

Have you ever hesitated on a decision even when you knew it was the right thing to do?  Maybe you were set in your ways or you just didn’t want to change because the situation you were in was familiar and made you feel good. It doesn’t matter how hard the decision in front of you is, procrastination will kill the amazing future God has planned for you. God can only give good gifts, so if He is asking you to move, it’s time to move.

A Lesson from Lot

Lot hesitated and was afraid to move away from a city that he knew even though it clearly was not God’s best for him. God sent Angels to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot’s home, because of rampant sinfulness and disobedience (Genesis 19:12-16).  I don’t care how hard you try ; the people you surround yourself with will ALWAYS influence your life for either good or bad. Take a look at your closest friends; do you want to live like they live? If not, you may need to find another group.

Angels warned Lot over and over to get up and take his family out of town before it was destroyed. Sin always leads to death. It was clear what would happen if Lot stayed put. In the end, even though Lot knew the consequences, he hesitated with God.  Maybe it was because the city had changed Lot’s heart or maybe it was because Lot was scared to change. Lot chose to hesitate and it ultimately cost him his family (Genesis 15:19-26).

Take Your Next Step

We are all born sinners and even though we know the consequences, many times we make decisions to hesitate when God asks us to take a next step. It could be because our current circumstances are comfortable or because we are used to the lifestyle. How long has God been asking you to take a next step? What is holding you back from the plan and purpose God has for your life? Fear, doubt, worry, and complacency are nothing compared to the life God has planned for you. In the end, our hesitancy comes down to a trust issue. We all have to deal with the question, "Can God be trusted?" The same God who died for you, and offers you a new life, is telling you: I CAN be trusted.

God does not give up on us! If you are not dead, God’s not done. What in your life are you hesitating to turn over to God? Today is the day to take your next step. Don’t end up like Lot. Don’t be overpowered with the consequences of sin when you can be overcome with the blessings of obedience.

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