How to make marriage work

A recap of Clayton King’s message, “How To Make Your Marriage Work,” in 140 characters or less. 

  1. None of us has a perfect marriage, and none of us ever will. You're both broken sinners who need the grace of God. #FearlessLove 
  2. Marriage was God's idea, and God only has good ideas. #FearlessLove 
  3. Fear leads to isolation. Faith leads to intimacy.  #FearlessLove 
  4. Intimacy = into me you see  #FearlessLove 
  5. Fear leads to selfishness. Faith leads to service.  #FearlessLove 
  6. Fear leads to manipulation. Faith leads to mutual submission. #FearlessLove 
  7. Fear leads to me. Faith leads to we.  #FearlessLove 
  8. Husband, every interaction with your wife you should leave her better than she was before. #FearlessLove
  9. We fight through the hard times so we can celebrate the good times. #FearlessLove 
  10. Our marriages represent Jesus and the church to the world. #FearlessLove 

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