I’m Figuring It Out

A recap of Senior Pastor Perry Noble's sermon, “I’m Figuring It Out,” in 140 characters or less.

  1. Jesus wants to change you and change others through you. #ILoveMyChurch
  2. No one accidentally does something great. Be intentional. #ILoveMyChurch
  3. Like Jesus was intentional about pursuing us, we can be intentional about pursuing others. #ILoveMyChurch
  4. The Gospel is the way to bring change in our society. #ILoveMyChurch
  5. Jesus is with you in your mess, not to give you affirmation, but to bring you transformation. #ILoveMyChurch
  6. Too many times, Christians will win an argument but lose a relationship. #ILoveMyChurch
  7. Jesus steps into our lives to heal what’s broken. #ILoveMyChurch
  8. You will never find completion apart from connection to your Creator. #ILoveMyChurch
  9. What do you need to leave behind to follow Jesus more closely? #ILoveMyChurch
  10. Successful teams aren’t successful by accident; they have a game plan. #ILoveMyChurch

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