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Let’s Talk about Sex

Our sex-saturated culture says, “More sex now with whomever.” The Christian message is quite different – sex is to be exclusive and intimate, between one man and one woman, inside the bonds of a lasting marriage. What is the big deal? Who cares? Why should we care? Are Christians just a bunch of repressed, puritanical party poopers?

If God is Designer and Creator, then the universe works right only when it works according to His design. When we live contrary to His design or redefine what He calls good and right, we commit what some have called ‘cosmic treason’ against God. The bible simply calls our rebellion against God’s purposes ‘sin.' It is only when we submit to God that we find true and deep meaning in our life.

So this is not just about sex, it’s about seeking God’s design in every facet of life. For those of us who love God, we are obsessively striving for what He thinks is right and good. We believe that He is shown us what is right and good through His Son and in His word.

Since we want to live according to God’s purposes, we must investigate what His word says about sex. The verses below give us an understanding of God’s design for sex:

God created sex to be enjoyed by one man and one woman in the bonds of marriage as a means of procreation, pleasure, and intimacy. Sex in any other context is an act of rebellion against God.

We are told to flee from sexual immorality. Why? In God’s wisdom He has designed purity as the pathway to intimacy. It is holiness, or living God’s way, that leads to intimacy in our relationship with God. It is purity that leads to relational intimacy with our spouse. Within the context of marriage, sex can be much more than it can be outside of marriage.

It would seem that sex with one person for a lifetime would become monotonous. On the contrary, it is the person who lives only for sexual gratification who struggles with boredom. A married couple committing to emotional and spiritual intimacy finds an infinite fulfillment in the physical aspects of their relationship. It seems that God blesses those who do things His way.

Many of us, through sinfulness, have failed to do things God’s way. The first step toward intimacy with God is establishing a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. If you’re a believer in Christ but having sex outside the context of marriage, Jesus stands ready to forgive you and gets you back in rhythm with God’s design. Relational intimacy awaits.  

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