Not on our watch

Brad Cooper's sermon, "Not On Our Watch," in 140 characters or less. 

1. Life isn’t a sprint or a marathon; it's is a relay. Who are you passing your baton to? #NotOnOurWatch

2. As a parent, you will stand before God and answer for how you shepherd your children. #NotOnOurWatch

3. The greatest miracles that God has ever done was the empty tomb. #NotOnOurWatch

4. We want the next generation to live victorious lives. #NotOnOurWatch

5. Victory is connected to walking in remembrance of what God has done. #NotOnOurWatch

6. Jesus took all of the sin of our past, present, and future!  #NotOnOurWatch

7. Jesus moves us from:

Defeat --> Victory

Slavery --> Freedom

Death --> Life

8. You can walk in freedom! #NotOnOurWatch

9. Jesus Christ has a gift of grace for you. #NotOnOurWatch

10. Who cares what's going on in our church today if there's no one here 100 years from now? #NotOnOurWatch

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