"Overflow" toolkit

There's a way to live every day for our joy, God’s glory, and the world’s good!

"Overflow," beginning Nov. 17, will reveal what it means to live an overflowing life.

This series will help you understand God’s overarching promise — to experience the abundant blessing of His kingdom and to partner with Him to bring the kingdom blessing to every corner of our cities, our state, and the world!

We’ve collected some things to help you dig into the teaching + share the wisdom with everyone in your circles — groups, serving teams, friends, co-workers, classmates, and neighbors.

Explore the topic on your own

Study: "The Overflowing Life: A 14-Day Devotional" (NewSpring)

Book: "Life Without Lack" by Dallas Willard

Article: "How getting gifts taught me to be generous" (NewSpring)

Article: "What kids get right about Christmas" (NewSpring)

Article: "10 easy ways to serve someone today" (NewSpring)

Do video studies with your group

"Overflow" playlist, NewSpring Channel, RightNowMedia.

We create a small collection of recommendations for helpful video Bible studies for each sermon series.

You can find them all on the NewSpring Channel of the Bible study video streaming service, RightNow Media. (Get your fee NewSpring account.)

Get some practice

Let your blessings overflow by making a contribution to the annual Overflow Offering. Your giving will be used to build the Church in your city, our state, and the world! Our prayer is 100% participation in our no ordinary family.


    Worship wherever you are

    NewSpring Worship has collected its favorite songs of the fall — and you’ll recognize many we'll be singing during "Overflow." Let your worship overflow in the car, shower, cubicle, or wherever you go with our fall playlist.

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