Set the Tone

A recap of Clayton King’s sermon, “Set the Tone,” in 140 characters or less.

  1. The odds are against us, but God is for us. #BeatTheOdds
  2. The biggest problem in my marriage is me. #BeatTheOdds
  3. What if we spent more time thanking God for the gift He's given us in our spouse than complaining about what our spouse is not? #BeatTheOdds
  4. The meaning of marriage is not to make us happy but to show the world the mission of the Gospel works. #BeatTheOdds
  5. We were never meant to live for our own pleasure. We were designed to reflect God's glory. #BeatTheOdds
  6. Marriage is not our ultimate joy — Jesus is! #BeatTheOdds
  7. Marriage is a mirror to show you who you really are. #BeatTheOdds
  8. Lean in before you lash out. #BeatTheOdds
  9. Choose forgiveness before fighting. #BeatTheOdds
  10. Choose devotion over emotion. #BeatTheOdds

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