The Church needs young leaders

It’s often said that students are the leaders of tomorrow.

Society has set up a system where age and experience determine if someone’s idea is accepted. How can a kid or a teenager have something important to say if he doesn’t have a college degree, or if she has little to no real-world experience?

We’ve accidentally told a generation of passionate young people to wait their turn to make an impact. But age does not determine influence. Students can be examples to other Christians in the way they act, speak, serve and love (1 Timothy 4:12).

Three Young Leaders in the Bible

Daniel and his three friends were young people who stood as leaders for the people of God. When these young men from God’s people were taken captive by a foreign nation, they were forced to abandon the food and culture God had given them. Instead of accepting the foreign nation’s food and religious practices, the men stayed faithful to God and pointed an entire nation to worship the one true God (Daniel 1:1-21, Daniel 3:1-30).

David was only a teenager when he faced a giant who mocked God. Rather than cowering in fear like all the adults around him, David took action because he believed God wins battles, not size or weapons, and he defeated the giant in a way no one expected (1 Samuel 17:1-54).

Mary was probably a young teenager at the time she gave birth to Jesus (Luke 1:26-38). Through a teen mother’s faithfulness to God, Jesus came into the world to love us and change our lives by His death and resurrection.

Young people have been used greatly by God, and He will continue to work in and through students in our churches.

Students are not the church of tomorrow. They are the church of today.

If you’re a parent or a leader, you have a tremendous opportunity to support and equip students to be prepared to make the biggest impact. This generation is full of potential, energy, and passion. Let’s take full advantage of their willingness to improve the world.

If you are a student, you don't have to wait to start making a difference. Tomorrow is not your time; today is. You’re an essential part of God family, so don't be afraid to get involved.

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