Top resources on anxiety

With more than 3 million reported cases per year, anxiety is something most everyone has come in contact with. Anxiety can become a monster in our lives if we don’t have truth to hold up against it. The Bible says a life of anxiety is not meant to be a life we live in. Jesus tells us He’s our refuge, redeemer, and we can cast all of our cares on Him.

Our Best Resources on Anxiety

1. Your anxiety doesn’t have to control you [article]

Have you lost too many nights of sleep from anxious thoughts? Anxiety doesn’t have to control you. This article will help you learn how to rid those thoughts from your mind.

2. How to beat the odds against social anxiety [article]

Social anxiety can turn a simple interaction or outing into something that feels like a life or death situation. There are three truths you can speak to yourself when having anxiety about the relationships in your life.

3. Anxiety vs. Gratitude [sermon]

Anxiety doesn’t mean we’re bad people or that we’re crazy. But it will tear us apart if we don’t face its cause. 

4. My food addiction threatened to kill me [story]

Zack being 285 pounds as a senior in high school only fed the monster of anxiety in his life. After giving his life to Jesus, he found the courage he needed to start over and overcome anxiety.

5. I gave the gift of forgiveness to my dying mother [story]

When Chasity invited others into her pain and anxiety from a broken relationship with her mother, she found that God could do more than she ever imagined in her circumstances.

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Your anxiety doesn't have to control you

anxiety satan truth spiritual warfare

It was a night like too many I’d had before. I was trying to sleep, but my thoughts were spiraling out ... read more

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Three facts you need to know if you're anxious about money

anxiety money stress

It’s the end of the month, the bills are still coming in but payday is still a week away. The fridge is bare,... read more

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The way to calm your anxious heart

anxiety peace thankfulness

My family and I rarely get to spend time at the lake, so we always jump at an invitation to spend time with f... read more

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10 Bible verses to remember when you’re stressed

anxiety truth bible stress

There’s no shortage of worry these days. Whether you’re a mom torn in five directions, a student stressed ov... read more

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Four ways to battle fear and worry

trust anxiety fear

I am a recovering worrier. My list of fears ranged from small to big: if my alarm would go off in the morning... read more

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Control of my life was disastrous

Jan 14, 2018

freedom trust anxiety community addiction promises anger

Drew Sharpe trusted God’s promises to free him from a past of drug use and imprisonment. Press play to ... read more

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When God picked me to be Lazarus and set me free

Aug 8, 2017

depression anxiety salvation grief

Wesley Jordan thought he was only helping out with a Gauntlet message. But the message was meant for him.

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Sex was the worst decision I ever made

March 30, 2018

suicide anxiety students identity repentance sex

At 14, Roxanne Bradey lost her virginity. Instead of control, she got chaos. Press play to see how ... read more

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How I broke loose from the grip of anxiety

Oct 29, 2017

depression anxiety community parenting divorce

Trisha Hardy was overwhelmed by constant anxiety until the love and support of friends opened her heart to Go... read more

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My food addiction threatened to kill me

Jan 14, 2017

freedom depression anxiety healing identity salvation happiness

Zach Pritchett was dangerously overweight and hopeless. Then he found the strength to start over in a surpris... read more

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A veteran’s daily battle to honor the ultimate sacrifice

May 23, 2017

death anxiety victory purpose missions grief suffering

Jonathan Kyle lost two military brothers in combat. Honoring them is a daily commitment to live victoriously ... read more

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No More Fear

From Gauntlet 2019

July 24, 2019

freedom anxiety identity fear spiritual warfare

Many students are burdened by fears and anxieties. In this message, guest speaker Jabin Chavez explains that ... read more

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