Top resources on body image

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

The words that came to mind will be different for all of us. But if you ask God what He sees, He could answer in two words: my beloved. The battle for better self-image starts when we understand who we are to God and allow His Words to transform our hearts and minds.

Our Best Resources on Body Image

1. The gap between knowing you’re beautiful and feeling beautiful [article] 

We’ve all had one of those days. The ones where we change 10 times before rushing out the door, and even then, we only leave because we're late not because we think we look good. We were not made to live in constant fear of not being good enough. We were, however, made with the desire to be beautiful and valued.

2. Four lies most women believe [article] 

Most women mistakenly believe a long list of lies — some are physical and others emotional. Learn to identify these lies and replace them with the truth. 

3. Why it’s important to care for your body, not idolize it [article] 

God has not called us to obsess over our physical bodies but to focus on our spiritual growth in relationship with Christ.

4. How to break the cycle of self-harm [article]

One of the greatest misconceptions about cutting is that the person who cuts is violent or suicidal. But the reality is self-harm is often a way to cope with strong emotions, intense pressure, and relationship problems. 

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