Top resources on chronic pain

Chronic pain takes a physical and emotional toll. It’s hard to find a silver lining to the pain you’re feeling every day, but Jesus meets us where we are and gives us the grace we need to face the day. 

Our Best Resources on Chronic Pain 

1. Why healing may not be the only way to pray when someone is suffering [article] 

It’s hard to think of anything besides getting rid of the pain when it comes. But when we hear of someone suffering, what else can we pray for in addition to healing?

2. Am I hooked? Four questions to ask about pain medicine [article] 

Pain is real and so is the relief that comes from pain medicine. Have you recently debated whether or not you’re taking the pills to relieve physical or emotional pain? Learn how to determine one fix from another.  

3. Where to find hope in the midst of the suffering [devotional] 

Do you know those people who have lived life with a brave face when enduring suffering? Does the putting on that same brave face seem impossible in the midst of what you’re suffering? Discover where those people get their hope from, and where you can find it, too. 

5. Why won’t God heal me? [article]  

When we don’t understand why God does or doesn’t do things, we can rely on the truth of who He is. 

6. Dear God, heal my body [devotional] 

Looking for a way to thank God for this life in the midst of the pain you’re experiencing? This devotional offers an alternative perspective to view pain and suffering while asking God to heal your body.

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