Top resources on forgiveness

Forgiveness isn’t fun, but it is freeing. We think that holding a grudge punishes the other person, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Holding onto hurt only hurts us.

Jesus forgave us for our sin, and He tells us to do the same for others. Forgiving others is obedient to Jesus, and it’s the way He sets us free from past pain.

Our Best Resources on Forgiveness

1. Forgiveness: The most radical choice [article]

When someone says something mean, you can maybe get past it. But what about when someone hurts you. Or your child. That’s when the choice to forgive isn’t just unnatural. It’s radical. Learn why the most radical choice is the best choice for you.

2. How to forgive when you’re still mad [article]

Can you really forgive someone when you’re so mad you can barely speak? Discover how to forgive someone you’re mad at, and why it’s important to start forgiving before you feel like it.

3. 1 John: A 7-Day Devotional [studies]

It can be hard to love people who are unkind or don’t love us in return. But that’s what He did for us, and it’s the kind of love John calls us to show to others.

4. Are you forgiving like Jesus forgives? [article]

When we look at Jesus’ example of forgiveness, our relationships start to change. We start to love ourselves a little less and love others a lot more.

5. I gave the gift of forgiveness to my dying mom [story]

Chasity Brazell had turned her back for good on a drug-addicted mother, and then she had a surprising change of heart.

6. Unforgiveness vs. Forgiveness [sermon]

Bitterness can creep into all of our lives. But instead of punishing our offender, bitterness punishes us. Slaying the giant of bitterness starts with understanding the power of forgiveness.

7. I Need Forgiveness: A 7-Day Devotional [study]

No matter who you're struggling to forgive — whether it's yourself or someone else — the starting point is the same. Before we can give forgiveness to others, we have to experience its power for ourselves.

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