Top resources on grief

Grief shows up in all sorts of ways — crying unexpectedly, lashing out or obsessing over minor things, fighting to stay busy at all costs. Grief is real, and it will take over our lives if we don’t learn to face it.

Our Best Resources on Grief

1. 12 things I wish someone had told me about grief [article]

In 1998, Beth’s family had no idea they would lose three close relatives over the next four years — including both of their parents. Read what Beth wishes she had known before their world was turned upside down by grief.

2. Why you should let others into your pain [article]

Often when we’re grieving, we just want to curl up in the bed and hide. But we were never meant to carry these burdens alone. Learn why letting people into your pain is the first step toward healing.

3. Three ways to find God in grief [article]

Where is the God who saved you and gave you the relationship you’re now missing? He is still with you in the grieving. God promises to be with us always, and in our darkest moments, we can find Him in these three places.

4. Life after death: How the family of a military hero found peace in an unexpected place [story]

Phillip Myers was killed instantly trying to disarm an improvised explosive device in the Helmand region of Afghanistan. Devastated, his wife and two kids moved to Anderson because it offered was a straight shot up Interstate 85 to Arlington, Virginia, and Phillip’s grave. Little did they know, the move was part of God’s plan to heal their pain and give them hope for the future.

​​5. How would you cope when the worst happens? [story]

When Zac Smith died from cancer in 2010, he left behind his wife, Mandy, and their 3 children Lizzy, Jake, and Luke. Four years later, the Smiths share how they have wrestled with the loss of a husband and father, and how they discovered what it means to have hope.

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