Top resources on guilt

Just when we think we’re past it, we’ll hear a song or pick up a scent that reminds us of what happened. We push away opportunities because we believe we’re not worthy. We push away people because we believe they’ll abandon us if they knew.

Like a gavel strike echoing through a courtroom, the weight of guilt is unmistakable. But the Bible says we don’t have to carry that weight anymore.

Our Best Resources on Guilt

1. This is how you can get past guilt [article]

Guilt and conviction are not the same things. Guilt tells us we are bad; conviction tells us that what we’ve done is bad. Understanding the difference is the first step to setting ourselves free from guilt and walking in the freedom Jesus died to give us.

2. Seven truths to fight accusation [article]

When accusations and lies begin to pile up, recall these verses and remind yourself what’s true.

3. God wants to remove guilt, not add to it [devotional]

God is not waiting to zap us; He is a loving father watching us struggle under a burden too heavy to bear. All we need to do is ask Him to take it.

4. Why do I feel so guilty? [article]

We feel guilty when we listen to condemnation instead of conviction. Conviction brings change that condemnation cannot bring. Read how Jesus demonstrated the difference between the two.

5. Four lies we hear the morning after a mistake [article]

We will never escape guilt by running away from God. As contrary as it seems, freedom only comes when we run toward God after a mistake.

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