Top resources on purity

Have you been fighting with the thought of being "impure" or "damaged goods" when thinking about your purity? Purity is more than the do’s and don'ts in relationships. All throughout the Bible we see that God is more concerned about our motives than our actions.

Our Best Resources on Purity

1. Is purity the same thing as virginity? [article]

To not have sex before marriage seems like the number one goal in dating. But does that automatically mean the relationship is pure? Discover the difference between pure action and pure motives.

2. Abortions, rape, and wrecked relationships no longer define me [story]

Through her college years, Becca became caught up in the party scene looking for affirmation wherever she could find it. After accepting Jesus into her life, she found the truth that God defines her as pure through Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross, not by the decisions she’d made in her past.

3. Breaking Free - Katie Yate’s Story [story]

After looking for false comfort in many places, Katie surrendered her life to Jesus and took it all to the cross.

4. I've already had sex. Why stop now? [article]

Through confession and repentance, God can redeem our past sexual sin and allow us to experience sex as the gift it was meant to be.

5. How men can mistreat women without realizing it [article]

 For men, in particular, errors in how we view and interact with the opposite sex can cripple our ability to follow Jesus and do what He says. 

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