Top Resources on Sexuality

If you (or someone you love) experiences same-sex attraction, you’re not alone. God doesn’t hate you; He wants something for you. Use the resources below to understand what the Bible teaches about sexuality and God’s plan for human flourishing.  

1. Deafness Didn’t Stop Me from Hearing the Good News (Story)

Luke Benoit found his identity as a deaf gay teenager, but it only left him even more tired, empty, and alone. Read his story and how God really loves everyone. 

2. You Are Not Your Sexuality (Article/Video)

Sam Allberry, a same-sex attracted Christian, shares his experience of God’s goodness and explains why addressing narratives with propositions (even biblical ones) is like bringing an excellent stir-fry to a bake-off. 

3. Celebrate Sexual Ethics. Don’t Apologize for Them (Article)

We can take pride and joy in the historic, biblical view of human sexuality. Although the prohibitions of Scripture look to many like loveless, heartless “don’ts,” these commands grow out of a positive vision of human flourishing. 

4. A Conversation about Homosexuality (Video)

Pastor Mark Conner of CityLife Church talks through the important but sensitive topic of homosexuality with a blend of biblical wisdom and pastoral care.

5. God’s Love and Same-Sex Attraction (Video) 

Pastor J.D. Greear of The Summit Church answers three key questions about same-sex attraction: Is it wrong? What do I do if that’s me? How do I love my gay friend or family member?

6. Jesus and the Gay Community (Audio/Video) 

Pastor Jon Tyson of Church of the City New York teaches from 1 Corinthians on the compassion of Jesus, the church, and the gay community. 

7.  Why is the Bible’s Sexual Ethic Good for the World? (Audio/Video) 

Sam Allberry, Rosaria Butterfield, and Jackie Hill Perry consider how Scripture’s sexual ethics are good news for the world.

8. Jesus, Gender, and the Trans Community (Audio/Video) 

Pastor Jon Tyson of Church of the City New York teaches from Genesis 1 and Matthew 19 on the compassion of Jesus, gender, and the trans community.

9. Three Essentials When Talking With Gay Friends and Family (Article)

It can be awkward as a Christian, talking with people you love about their significant other. Here are three tips when having those conversations. 

10. Should I attend my gay cousin’s wedding? (Article) 

How do you show someone you care, without coming across rude or judgemental when you don’t support their decisions? Here is some insight on how to handle this tricky situation. 

11. What you need to know if you’re attracted to someone of the same sex (Article) 

Jesus’ love for you has no prerequisites or requirements. Even if you hate Jesus or are mad at Him, Jesus loves you and wants what’s best for you.

Not sure how to start a conversation around this issue? Take a look at the "Elephant in the Room" toolkit for tips and resources to start talking about homosexuality and other difficult topics at home. 

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