Top resources on suffering

Suffering is painful and may seem like it will never end. Suffering also is a sweet invitation to draw near to God and rely on Him in our time of weakness.

Our Best Resources on Suffering

1. How to change your perspective in hard times [article]

In seasons of suffering, we have a choice: to wallow in our emotions or to know the truth and believe that Jesus can work all things together for our good.  

2. From hiding our pain to healing [article]

In the middle of suffering it’s easy to stuff our emotions down in order to be strong for those depending on us. Read why it’s better to allow healing in your pain rather than deciding to close it out.

2. 1 Peter: A 20-Day Devotional [devotional]

This devotional walks us through the truth that if we choose to focus on Jesus during the difficult times, then He will use them to increase our faith.

3. Blood and Sacrifice: The battle of a soldier's soul [story]

After a few years in active duty, the damage to Ryan’s soul was evident. Returning home he’d still face a battle of depression and suicidal thoughts. Read more to learn how Ryan found that suffering with Jesus was the key to keep fighting for hope.

4. When cancer is a miracle [story]

Learn how Zac was able to become a better husband, father, and friend once he looked at cancer as a gift and recognized God is a good God regardless of circumstance.

5. What to do when someone you love is suffering [article]

Suffering can be self-consuming if we let it. One gift you can give a friend going through hard times is to get them out of their own head for a while. 

6. How suffering can make you stronger [article] 

The same way fire can create heat resistance in building materials, suffering can build strength in our spiritual lives. Read this article to find out how. 

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