When was the last time you marveled at God’s creation?

Braeden Howard

I recently went on a road trip with two of my best friends and spent two and a half weeks in the woods, deserts, and canyons of the West Coast. 

We stood in awe of the cavity that was Crater Lake, strategically climbed a challenging vertical staircase through pelting wind and water up the Mist Trail at Yosemite, tackled death defying hikes to stand on the edges of cliffs in Zion and explored many other parks such as Lava Lands, Multnomah Falls, Olympic, Death Valley, Sequoia, Kanarra Falls, Lower Calf Creek Falls, Arches and Canyonlands. It was a wonderful time to leave technology behind (for the most part), abandon our responsibilities, and just live like wanderers. 

This time away from civilization presented an opportunity to spend extra time with Jesus. To consider how big and amazing my God is and break down my human nature of putting God in a little box. I was reminded how important it is to take the time to marvel at the handiwork of the Creator. 

The Trip of a Lifetime 

As we hiked, I struggled a little bit. But, the views were more than worth the struggle. Each time we reached our destination I was overcome with a sense of awe. There’s something about sitting on top of a canyon or at the edge of a waterfall, thousands of feet in the air. I feel closer to God. In those moments I am reminded of how small I am in this big world, and how much bigger God is. I hadn’t lost my sense of wonder, but as I was overwhelmed by the views it was apparent that I clearly needed to be reminded of it. 

Being far removed from the cities our view of the stars at night was surreal. Early in the evening, the stars began to appear, and by midnight, the sky turned into an ocean of glitter. I was struck speechless. I could see the Milky Way with my bare eyeballs! There’s no denying the glory of our God!

Romans 1:20 says, “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities — His eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God” (NLT). 

We all go through times where we are overwhelmed or just in awe of things that God is doing in our lives. But just as easily, we forget, when our circumstances get in the way, as work piles up, kids are taking over our schedules, and we simply look forward to 30 minutes of “me time.” 

A dear friend of mine who is a stay-at-home mother to two boys (and is pregnant with their third, a girl) recently said that she changed her evening routine. She always looked forward to those few precious moments at the end of the day to catch up on favorite television shows, to read a book, or just do something for herself before going to bed, but now she sits on her porch and looks at the stars. 

 We need time to look and marvel at the wonders God has created. It’s good for us. God wants this for us. 

She is taking time to be in the presence of the Lord, to rejuvenate her wonder. Those 30 minutes before bed that had been used to catch up on social media, TV, or other self-serving activities are now changing her heart and replenishing her mind and soul. We need these precious times with the Savior, to look and marvel at the wonders He has created. It’s good for us. God wants this for us. 

When was the last time you sat in your driveway and looked up at the stars and got goosebumps? If it’s been a while, it’s time to regain our sense of awe and wonder. 

God Wants Us to Marvel at the Mystery in His Creation

Do we live amazed by who God is or is He just our first 5 minutes in the morning and forgotten about once our cars hit the main road? Have we noticed that we have an appreciation and gratefulness for God only on Sundays and holidays? Or when we get a promotion and our kids are excelling in school or sports? Then we struggle to trust Him or even turn to Him when things go wrong. 

It may be time to sit on the porch and go back and read Genesis 1 through Genesis 2, take a deep breath, and look at the stars He crafted and just think about the detail, the design, the intricate weavings of plants and water, rocks and mountains — things we often take for granted. God created this world for us to enjoy with awe and amazement at who He is and all of His glory. 

In Yosemite National Park, we climbed to the top of Yosemite Falls. I had rediscovered my love for an adrenaline rush, heights, and adventure. I walked over to the edge to try and catch a glimpse of the waterfall, leaning forward over the crumbling ledge. I sat down and hung my feet over the edge, and stared in silence at the vastness in front of me, taking the time to soak it all in. How did this park become what it is? 

It blows my mind how each element in the park works together to form a healthy ecosystem — every detail. Surely, this is no coincidence. God handcrafted this park with me and this moment in mind. He had me right where He wanted me, sitting in awe and wonder of His creation! 

Take the time, even if it’s only 30 minutes before you go to bed, to regain your sense of awe and wonder — without distractions. Set aside another part of the day for your quiet time. This time is just to sit and be still, admiring the handiwork of our Creator. Because we all desperately need to be reminded of the greatness of our God. 

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