Who would Jesus vote for?

On Election Day across America, many of us wonder: What would Jesus do?

Many politicians act like they speak for God. If you oppose them, then you must oppose God.

But Jesus is not a Republican or Democrat.  Political parties don’t speak for Jesus or His Father. The reality is God can speak for Himself, and He does so in the Bible.

Who Does Jesus Support? 

Jesus was solely focused on glorifying God and on completing what God wanted Him to say and do. His focus on the Father and the Father’s plan remained steady with every question that came His way, including questions about political issues.

In Matthew 22:15-22, Jesus was asked a question about paying taxes. He didn’t say what was popular or side with one party over another. His answer, “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s,” shows us that we can be knowledgeable about the issues of the day and stay focused on God in how we answer questions.

God is bigger than any political party or election season. Jesus really is Lord of all, and we’re mistaken to think He came to serve our platform or policies (Philippians 2:9-11).

Four Things to Remember as You Prepare to Vote

1. Allow your faith in Jesus to inform your political views, not vice versa.

Our lives are not divided into sacred and secular components. Knowing Jesus and walking with Him every day affects every part of our lives.

As we grow in our relationship with Jesus, we learn more about who He is, the way He thinks, and what He wants. When we do this, we begin allowing His values and focus to become our own, so our faith in Jesus should affect everything, including our politics.

2. Keep your hope in Jesus stronger than your hope for change in government.

Elected officials can’t save us. In another election cycle, we will have similar conversations about what needs to change and who is the best choice to lead our country. One lie we often believe as we focus on politics is that an election will be the solution to the difficult issues in our country or world.

It’s not wrong to hope for change. When we see injustice or corruption, we should do what we can to change it. However, we need to understand that Jesus is our hope. Real change doesn’t come from politics or governments, but from Jesus transforming people with His grace and truth.

Real change doesn’t come from politics or governments, but from Jesus transforming people with His grace and truth.

3. Pray for our current and future leaders.

One choice God always supports is to pray for our leaders. In Romans 13:1-8, we are called to obey our governing authorities and to honor, respect, and pray for them.

We should pray for the salvation of our leaders, and we should pray for God to speak to them and give them wisdom as they lead. It doesn’t matter what political party they represent. There is power in prayer, and it is one of the things that lines us up with God’s heart on people and issues.

4. Be informed and vote.

We have an amazing privilege in this country to vote. As followers of Jesus, we can value our right to vote and express what He wants for us by the way we vote. 

As another election draws near, ask God what He thinks about the issues of our day. Read the Bible and see where God’s heart lines up with the issues, rather than simply going along with popular choices or political party.

Not sure where to start?

  • Go to scvotes.org to register to vote, find your polling place, and see what’s on the ballot. 
  • Go to each candidate’s campaign website. Read their stories and beliefs. 
  • Pray. Ask God who He would have you vote for, then go do it.  

Politics will never save the world because they can’t. God knew that our world needed saving long before any human government was created. Through His death on the cross and His resurrection, Jesus showed us that He is our hope for salvation.

No economic policy, political agenda, or military power can bring true peace and hope to this world. As we wrestle with the tough issues of our day, let it drive us ever closer to our need for God, and let us seek to be aligned with His heart and His will in every situation.

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